This is a FlatPress theme ported from Mat Wiseman's insanely awesome Aleksandr theme originally made for Textpattern.

I can't find licensing information for the original theme, so I will put this (or at least what I can) under the GPLv3 until someone demonstrates that it should be otherwise.

The theme is currently in a pretty good beta state. The contact form and comment layout could use some love.

Use and limitations

The theme supports a "top" widget panel for menus and "right" and "bottom" widget panels for general use. The "right" widget panel actually renders as a horizontal panel above the "bottom" panel (i.e., there are two bottom panels).

The "right" and "bottom" general-purpose panels are hard-coded to evenly space four widgets each. You can increase or decrease this by hacking the code in fpaleksandr/res/css.css. Just adjust the "width" property in the "#sub1 div" and "#sub1 div" selectors as needed, where "sub1" is the "right" panel and "sub2" is the bottom panel.

There are two styles with which you can render list items in the bottom panels. One style uses disc-like bullets, the other thin underlines between items. The shipped template uses disc bullets for the "right" bottom panel and lines for the "bottom" bottom panel. To change the style of lists in the bottom panels, hack on fpaleksandr/widgets.tpl, adding the class "lineditems" to use line separated list items or nothing to use discs as needed to the "sub1" and "sub2" divs.

Some of the files (css files in particular) in the current distribution are not used. I have just been too lazy to get rid of them. Cleaning that up and additional refinements in time...

-Mithat Konar
21 July 2012