KiCad Modules MFK (obsolete)

This Mercurial repo is here for posterity. Work is continuing in Git at

Mithat Konar 2015-02-02

This repository contains KiCad modules I have developed for my own use. I am making them available to anyone that might find them useful.

I've tried to make these modules consistent with whatever PCB design best practices that I know about. However, I make no warranty, guarantee, promise, or assertion that they are appropriate for anything, anytime, anywhere, nor that they use best KiCad practices, nor that they won't cause kittens to eat you. But you should know that I use these in my everyday work and so far have escaped becoming feline by fodder.


The modules in these libraries are released under the LGPL3, so feel free to use them in free and/or proprietary projects. While you are free to use the modules in any kind of project, bear in mind that if you make any changes to the modules or make derivations, you may need to make those changes available to all.

Naming scheme

Modules in these libraries are prefixed with mfk- so they don't cause name clashes with modules in other libraries (and also so I know they are mine!).

Through-hole parts


A C_ after the mfk- prefix indicates an axial non-polarized capacitor. CA_ explicitly indicates an axial non-polar capacitor, and CR_ a radial non-polar capacitor.

Polarized capacitors have an additional P qualifier: CAP_ indicates an axial polarized cap and CRP_ a radial polarized cap.

Following the above will be a size specifier or a brand/model identifier. Size specifiers are in mm. For axial caps the order is length, width (i.e., diameter), pin spacing, and lead diameter (not hole size). For radials the order is diameter, pin spacing, and lead diameter.


An R_ after the mfk- indicates a fixed resistor. The remainder of the naming scheme is emerging, but for the parts currently in the library it should be obvious what's what.

RV_ is used to indicate variable resistors.


Transistor use standard package names after the mfk- followed by other qualifiers.


Diodes use standard package names after the mfk-.

Surface mount parts

Surface mount parts use IPC-7351 names when possible.

Other standards


The default through-hole hole size is rounded up from the IPC Nominal (B) size for the largest dimension of the lead.1 This is understood to be (leadsize + 0.2mm) or (leadsize + 0.008").

The default through-hole pad-size is (2 * holesize) with a minimum of (holesize + 0.032") or (holesize + 0.8mm). The minimum may not be enforced in all cases.

If a manufacturer provides footprint drawings, values from those drawings will be used in place of the above.


Default silkscreen line thickness is 0.010". Default silkscreen type size is 0.060 x 0.060" with 0.006" thickness.2 References are visible and values are invisible by default.

Copyright (C) 2012-2015 Mithat Konar. All rights reserved.

  1. Mentor Graphics' LP Viewer was used to reverse engineer this spec until I find the appropriate IPC (or other) documentation, possibly this as a start. 

  2. Hausherr, Tom. "PCBDESIGN007 From the CAD Library: Reference Designators ." PCBDESIGN007. (accessed May 19, 2013).