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Skinny Update Manager

Skinny Update Manager aims to be a lightweight update manager for Debian Squeeze. It does not have any GNOME, KDE, or Xfce dependencies apart from `gnome-icon-theme`, nor does it create any new daemons. It is intended to be a usable, lighter, and much leaner alternative to the hungrier and shinier update-notifier typically in GNOME and Xfce installations.


Skinny Update Manager implements a complete update manager for Debian Squeeze. It consists of a core updater/upgrade-informer script and desktop user notification and upgrading tools. In addition, the core updater/upgrade-informer script (`skinny-deb-update-check`) can be used as a generic updater and upgrade informer for use in conjunction with a variety of notifier applications and scripts that can be developed in the future including:

  • Notification via email
  • Notification via Conky
  • Notification via the Social Web

For most users, Skinny Update Manager will have effectively no added memory footprint except when it is actively updating and checking for updates (once a day by default), when it is notifying the user that package upgrades are available, or when the user instigates an upgrade.


  • Required: apt-get gnome-icon-theme gxmessage xterm zenity
  • Recommended: anacron
  • Suggested: libnotify-bin

To get the greatest benefit, you will also need to create a user cronjob, the details of which are described in the README.


This software is in daily use on Debian Squeeze but should be considered beta-quality. It is currently broken on Debian Wheezy (and likely newer releases of Ubuntu) because of the of the way notifications now work in Zenity.

(Ir)responsible parties

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Ohloh project report for Skinny Update Manager