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Added support for long running sessions. This closes #16.

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-.PHONY: clean-pyc test
+.PHONY: clean-pyc test upload-docs
 all: clean-pyc test
           # so mark it as modified yourself
           session.modified = True
+    .. attribute:: permanent
+       If set to `True` the session life for
+       :attr:`~flask.Flask.permanent_session_lifetime` seconds.  The
+       default is 31 days.  If set to `False` (which is the default) the
+       session will be deleted when the user closes the browser.
 Application Globals
 import os
 import sys
 import types
+from datetime import datetime, timedelta
 from jinja2 import Environment, PackageLoader, FileSystemLoader
 from werkzeug import Request as RequestBase, Response as ResponseBase, \
-class _NullSession(SecureCookie):
+class Session(SecureCookie):
+    """Expands the session for support for switching between permanent
+    and non-permanent sessions.
+    """
+    def _get_permanent(self):
+        return self.get('_permanent', False)
+    def _set_permanent(self, value):
+        self['_permanent'] = bool(value)
+    permanent = property(_get_permanent, _set_permanent)
+    del _get_permanent, _set_permanent
+class _NullSession(Session):
     """Class used to generate nicer error messages if sessions are not
     available.  Will still allow read-only access to the empty session
     but fail on setting.
     #: The secure cookie uses this for the name of the session cookie
     session_cookie_name = 'session'
+    #: A :class:`~datetime.timedelta` which is used to set the expiration
+    #: date of a permanent session.  The default is 31 days which makes a
+    #: permanent session survive for roughly one month.
+    permanent_session_lifetime = timedelta(days=31)
     #: options that are passed directly to the Jinja2 environment
     jinja_options = ImmutableDict(
         key = self.secret_key
         if key is not None:
-            return SecureCookie.load_cookie(request, self.session_cookie_name,
-                                            secret_key=key)
+            return Session.load_cookie(request, self.session_cookie_name,
+                                       secret_key=key)
     def save_session(self, session, response):
         """Saves the session if it needs updates.  For the default
         :param response: an instance of :attr:`response_class`
-        session.save_cookie(response, self.session_cookie_name)
+        expires = None
+        if session.permanent:
+            expires = datetime.utcnow() + self.permanent_session_lifetime
+        session.save_cookie(response, self.session_cookie_name,
+                            expires=expires, httponly=True)
     def add_url_rule(self, rule, endpoint, view_func=None, **options):
         """Connects a URL rule.  Works exactly like the :meth:`route`


 from __future__ import with_statement
 import os
+import re
 import sys
 import flask
 import unittest
 import tempfile
 import warnings
+from datetime import datetime
+from werkzeug import parse_date
 example_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..', 'examples')
             expect_exception(flask.session.__setitem__, 'foo', 42)
             expect_exception(flask.session.pop, 'foo')
+    def test_session_expiration(self):
+        permanent = True
+        app = flask.Flask(__name__)
+        app.secret_key = 'testkey'
+        @app.route('/')
+        def index():
+            flask.session['test'] = 42
+            flask.session.permanent = permanent
+            return ''
+        rv = app.test_client().get('/')
+        assert 'set-cookie' in rv.headers
+        match ='\bexpires=([^;]+)', rv.headers['set-cookie'])
+        expires = parse_date(
+        expected = datetime.utcnow() + app.permanent_session_lifetime
+        assert expires.year == expected.year
+        assert expires.month == expected.month
+        assert ==
+        permanent = False
+        rv = app.test_client().get('/')
+        assert 'set-cookie' in rv.headers
+        match ='\bexpires=([^;]+)', rv.headers['set-cookie'])
+        assert match is None
     def test_flashes(self):
         app = flask.Flask(__name__)
         app.secret_key = 'testkey'
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