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 from lxml.etree import fromstring, tostring, Element, SubElement
-from werkzeug import Request, Response
+from werkzeug import Request, Response, cached_property
 from werkzeug.exceptions import HTTPException, MethodNotAllowed, BadRequest
 from heechee.svndiff import make_cheap_diff
 SVN_DAV_NS = "{}"
+class DAVRequest(Request):
+    @cached_property
+    def xml_body(self):
+        # would be nicer to have fromstring( but that requires
+        # an unreleased version of Werkzeug.
+        return fromstring(
 class Application(object):
-    verbs = ["OPTIONS", "PROPFIND", "REPORT"]
+    verbs = frozenset(["OPTIONS", "PROPFIND", "REPORT"])
     def __init__(self, repo):
         self.repo = repo
-    @Request.application
+    @DAVRequest.application
     def __call__(self, request):
-            if hasattr(self, request.method):
-                return getattr(self, request.method)(request)
-            else:
+            if request.method not in self.verbs:
                 raise MethodNotAllowed(self.verbs)
+            return getattr(self, request.method)(request)
         except HTTPException, e:
             return e
         various things about the repo.
         # Do they want the properties of the overall repo?
-        data =
-        tree = fromstring(data)
+        tree = request.xml_body
         props = [x.tag.split("}")[-1] for x in tree.find("{DAV:}prop").getchildren()]
 if __name__ == "__main__":
     from werkzeug import run_simple
-    run_simple('localhost', 8080, Application(Repository()))
+    run_simple('localhost', 8080, Application(Repository()))
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