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Heechee, the Hg->SVN gateway

Requirements: Mercurial, Werkzeug

What does it do?

Heechee exposes a Mercurial repository as a Subversion repository, allowing people with subversion to checkout your project (and hopefully, in the future, commit to it as well) directly, without the need for Mercurial.


Not everyone likes Mercurial, or has got round to using it yet. I develop projects using it, but it would be nice to let my fellow coders who are either stuck in the past or being held there by management the opportunity to easily checkout bits of my project. The main use I see is for svn:externals.

Also, if they were feeling sick (as they probably do), Git users could, in theory, use git-svn to commit to a mercurial project, but just thinking about that makes my head hurt.

How do I run it?

At the moment, run "python -m heechee.webdav" - that will start up a webserver on localhost:8080 that serves Heechee's own hg repository as a svn repo.


It, uh, doesn't do much yet, just lets you check out the tip revision. But hey, that works.

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