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Add test that checks for a sensible error message on encountering missing source folders while using --no-download.

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     assert 'build/INITools' not in result.files_created
     assert 'build/INITools/INITools.egg-info' not in result.files_created
+def test_bad_install_with_no_download():
+    """
+    Test that --no-download behaves sensibly if the package source can't be found.
+    """
+    reset_env()
+    result = run_pip('install', 'INITools==0.2', '--no-download',  expect_error=True)
+    assert result.stdout.find("perhaps --no-download was used without first running an equivalent install with --no-install?") > 0
 def test_install_dev_version_from_pypi():
     Test using package==dev.