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 News for pip
-hg tip
 * Fixed uninstallation on Windows
 * Added ``pip search`` command.
 import os
-version = "0.6.3.post1"
+version = "0.7"
 doc_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'docs')
 index_filename = os.path.join(doc_dir, 'index.txt')
-long_description = """\ 
+long_description = """\
 The main website for pip is `
 <>`_.  You can also install
-the `in-development version <>`_ 
+the `in-development version <>`_
 of pip with ``easy_install pip==dev``.
 long_description = long_description + open(index_filename).read().split('split here', 1)[1]
       packages=['pip', 'pip.commands', 'pip.vcs'],
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