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Add Attest as a Python library project

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+.. _attest:
+Attest is a framework for unit testing that follows modern idioms and
+conventions of Python.
+Related Links
+Project Lead:
+    :ref:`dag-odenhall`
+    http://packages.python.org/Attest/
+Sourcecode access:
+    https://github.com/dag/attest
+Issue Tracker:
+    https://github.com/dag/attest/issues
+IRC Channel:
+    ``#pocoo`` on irc.freenode.net (:ref:`irc-channel`)
+    Simplified (two-clause) BSD


 Python Libraries
+- The :ref:`attest` framework for unit testing
 - The :ref:`brownie` utility library
 - The :ref:`flask` micro web framework
 - The :ref:`fungiform` form validation library
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