pocoo-website / history.rst


The Pocoo project started in 2004 with the goal to create a bulletin board written in Python by Armin Ronacher and Georg Brandl. On the quest to a working Python web application we quickly recognized that a few more tools would be helpful to create web applications in Python.

After a few iterations and failed projects we ended up with our current toolset of the :ref:`jinja2` templating engine and the :ref:`werkzeug` WSGI toolkit. Along the way we also started working on a syntax highlighting package called :ref:`pygments` and made an excursion into the field of documentation software with :ref:`sphinx`, which quickly became the most popular documentation solution in the Python community.

The original plan to develop a bulletin board is long dead now and the original name of the software was reused for the team that is working on all these packages. However, recently the :ref:`solace` project was incorporated which has some forum software elements.

The name "Pocoo" bears no meaning and multiple tries to find a suitable Backronym failed. It originally was chosen because it sounded "cute" and is now also the name of our logo owl. Pocoo is pronounced /ˈpokʉː/