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                         // HACKING ON SOLACE //

    ~ HACKING ~

        Hacking on Solace is fun.  It's written in Python and based
        on pupular libraries.  The dynamic parts in the user interface
        are created using HTML 4 and jQuery.

        This file should give you a brief overview how the code works
        and what you should keep in mind when working on it.


        Solace follows PEP 8 for Python code.  The rule you should
        follow is "adapt to the code style used in the file".  And
        that also means, put whitespace where the original author
        put it and so on.

        Indent with 4 *spaces* only.

        JavaScript code is intended with 2 spaces and only two spaces.
        The same rule applies for HTML as well.

        **Every page has to validate against HTML 4.01 transitional**.

        If you need features HTML 4 does not give you, use JavaScript!
	We're using the transitional DTD because recaptcha uses iframes
	for non-JavaScript enabled browsers.

        We will probably switch to HTML 5 once support is widespread
        but until then, the doctype has to be HTML 4.01 transitional.
	The reason for this rule is that many browser validators such as
        the firefox validator plugin does not support HTML 5 yet which
        makes it nearly impossible to ensure that every page validates.

        CSS spacing rules should follow the existing rules in the files.
        Use whitespace after property, value colons.

        CSS files *have* to use relative paths, so do templates.  A
        template should use `url_for` where possible.  The application
        does not enforce itself to be mounted on the URL root, so assume
        it can be anywhere.

        CSS classes are lowercase and use underscore for separation.

        All filenames have to be lowercase and ASCII only.

    ~ URLS ~

        Rules for URLs are simple.  Stuff that depends on a language and
        is *publically* available is mounted below `/<lang_code>`.

        Stuff invoked by JavaScript, that redirects back or is remotely
        JavaScript related has a leading underscore.




        The Solace user interface is intended to be used by everybody
        not just hackers.  Keep that in mind when working on the code

        // Emphasis //

            The emphasis is always on the non-technical elements.  For
            example in the overview page the emphasis is on the title,
            number of votes and replies, but not on the tags.  Tags are
            elements not everybody is familiar with.

        // Font Sizes //
            The following font sizes are in use:

            10px    preferred bold and only for navigation, errors
                    and popup menus.
            11px    for meta information such as authors etc.
            13px    for regular text
            20px    for headline like content such as questions on
                    the overview page.
            24px    the biggest headline and in caps the header

            Special font sizes

            18px    used by the hinted editor.  As long as a field is
                    empty it may display a 18px big and #69A9B8 colored
                    text instead.

        // Margins & Padding //

            Standard margins                10px
            above header, below footer      50px
            small separation                3px 7px

        // Colors //

            Use the following colors for the CSS:

            #2a606d             standard link color, darkish blue
            #0E3640             very dark blue, nav background
                                (combine with white) or marked text
            #458696             popup background
            #C2DDE3             blue box background
            #E1EDF0             tag background
            #EEF8FA             editor background

            #69A9B8             hint text color
            #B5DDE6             editor border color

            #FAFAFA             preview boxes, deleted content
            #eee                inactive elements, headline background
            #ccc                boxes on deleted content
            #555                text on deleted content

            #A8DFAA             background for inserted text
            #FDF5F5             background for deleted text
            #EB4040             color for deleted text
            #F5F2D7             background for modified text

        // Client-side Scripting //

            The core functionality of Solace should work without
            JavaScript on modern browsers.  (We do not consider either
            IE6 or IE7 as modern browser).

            Currently the only feature that does not work without
            JavaScript is adding comments to questions and replies.

            Whenever you cannot provide a non-javascript implementation
            of a feature, make sure that the user somehow ends up on
            the special `_no_javascript` page.  Either on click or
            somehow else.  That one tells the user to enable JavaScript
            to use this feature.

        // Language Handling //

            Solace has two indepdendent language context.  The language
            of the UI and the language of the section the user is active

            Sometimes the user leaves a section in which case the links
            that point back to a section (in the navigation bar) will
            point to the section of the UI language.  Whenever that
            happens the link that points to that section has to be marked
            with the faded color so that the user knows the link might
            not take him back to where he came from.  At the same time
            the link to the active section disappears.

            You can try that by clicking on the "badges" link.  The
            "ask" and other buttons will be slightly faded out.

            If you're adding new pages, keep that behavior in mind.


        Templates must not contain any CSS information besides classes.
        Use classes as appropriate, and use as many of them as you like.
        Keep them easy to read.

        Use macros to ensure that you are using the same elements and
        classes for the same widget (tags, users, badges etc.)

    ~ UNIT TESTS ~

        Solace uses standard Python unittests for all tests.  You can use
        doctest as well if you convert it into a unittest testsuite
        using the `doctest.DocTestSuite`.

        In general what you have to do is to add a test to one of the
        existing test modules (`solace.tests.module`) and make sure that
        you either add the test to an existing suite or add a new suite
        and register it in the `suite` factory function.

        If you add a full new module to the test module, also open the
        `tests` package's `__init__` file and make sure your suite is
        added properly.

        To run the tests you can use `python setup.py test`.