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[svn r3596] update news for new release

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 Changes & News
-svn trunk
+* Update to Setuptools 0.6c9
 * Added an option ``virtualenv --relocatable EXISTING_ENV``, which
   will make an existing environment "relocatable" -- the paths will
   not be absolute in scripts, ``.egg-info`` and ``.pth`` files.  This
   2.3.  You'll still need to backport your own ``subprocess`` module.
 * Fixed the ``__classpath__`` entry in Jython's ``sys.path`` taking
   precedent over virtualenv's libs.
-* Update to Setuptools 0.6c9

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     print 'Note: without Setuptools installed you will have to use "python -m virtualenv ENV"'
 import sys, os
-version = '1.2.1'
+version = '1.3'
 f = open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'docs', 'index.txt'))
 long_description = f.read().strip()