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[svn r3587] Fixed mod_wsgi link text; added __future__ to REQUIRED_MODULES for (some) better Python 2.3 compatibility

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 * Chris Perkins created a `showmedo video including virtualenv
-* `Using virtualenv with mod_python
+* `Using virtualenv with mod_wsgi
 Changes & News
   (``plat-darwin/``, ``plat-mac/``, ``plat-mac/lib-scriptpackages``),
   from Andrea Rech.
 * Fixed a small Bashism in the ``bin/activate`` shell script.
+* Added ``__future__`` to the list of required modules, for Python
+  2.3.  You'll still need to backport your own ``subprocess`` module.
                     'fnmatch', 'locale', 'encodings', 'codecs',
                     'stat', 'UserDict', 'readline', 'copy_reg', 'types',
                     're', 'sre', 'sre_parse', 'sre_constants', 'sre_compile',
-                    'lib-dynload', 'config', 'zlib']
+                    'lib-dynload', 'config', 'zlib', '__future__']
 if sys.version_info[:2] == (2, 6):
     REQUIRED_MODULES.extend(['warnings', 'linecache', '_abcoll', 'abc'])
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