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added the DONT_PATCH_SETUPTOOLS environment variable to tell the Distribute installer not to patch an existing setuptools

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         # the source is found, let's chdir
         if source is not None and os.path.exists(source):
-'No %s egg found; downloading' % project_name)
+        else:
+  'No %s egg found; downloading' % project_name)
         cmd.extend(['--always-copy', '-U', project_name])
     logger.start_progress('Installing %s...' % project_name)
     logger.indent += 2
     cwd = None
+    if project_name == 'distribute':
+        env['DONT_PATCH_SETUPTOOLS'] = 'true'
     def _filter_ez_setup(line):
         return filter_ez_setup(line, project_name)