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Changes & News

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* Fix for Mac OS X Framework builds that use

* Fix ``activate_this.py`` on Windows.

* Allow ``$PYTHONHOME`` to be set, so long as you use ``source
  bin/activate`` it will get unset; if you leave it set and do not
  activate the environment it will still break the environment.


* Include pip 0.7


* Allow ``activate.sh`` to skip updating the prompt (by setting


* Include pip 0.6.3

* Fix ``activate.bat`` and ``deactivate.bat`` under Windows when
  ``PATH`` contained a parenthesis


* Include pip 0.6.2 and Distribute 0.6.10

* Create the ``virtualenv`` script even when Setuptools isn't

* Fix problem with ``virtualenv --relocate`` when ``bin/`` has
  subdirectories (e.g., ``bin/.svn/``); from Alan Franzoni.

* If you set ``$VIRTUALENV_USE_DISTRIBUTE`` then virtualenv will use
  Distribute by default (so you don't have to remember to use


* Include pip 0.6.1


* Fix pip installation on Windows

* Fix use of stand-alone ``virtualenv.py`` (and boot scripts)

* Exclude ~/.local (user site-packages) from environments when using


* Include pip 0.6


* Updated setuptools to 0.6c11

* Added the --distribute option

* Fixed packaging problem of support-files


* Virtualenv now copies the actual embedded Python binary on
  Mac OS X to fix a hang on Snow Leopard (10.6).

* Fail more gracefully on Windows when ``win32api`` is not installed.

* Fix site-packages taking precedent over Jython's ``__classpath__``
  and also specially handle the new ``__pyclasspath__`` entry in

* Now copies Jython's ``registry`` file to the virtualenv if it exists.

* Better find libraries when compiling extensions on Windows.

* Create ``Scripts\pythonw.exe`` on Windows.

* Added support for the Debian/Ubuntu
  ``/usr/lib/pythonX.Y/dist-packages`` directory.

* Set ``distutils.sysconfig.get_config_vars()['LIBDIR']`` (based on
  ``sys.real_prefix``) which is reported to help building on Windows.

* Make ``deactivate`` work on ksh

* Fixes for ``--python``: make it work with ``--relocatable`` and the
  symlink created to the exact Python version.


* Use Windows newlines in ``activate.bat``, which has been reported to help
  when using non-ASCII directory names.

* Fixed compatibility with Jython 2.5b1.

* Added a function ``virtualenv.install_python`` for more fine-grained
  access to what ``virtualenv.create_environment`` does.

* Fix `a problem <https://bugs.launchpad.net/virtualenv/+bug/241581>`_
  with Windows and paths that contain spaces.

* If ``/path/to/env/.pydistutils.cfg`` exists (or
  ``/path/to/env/pydistutils.cfg`` on Windows systems) then ignore
  ``~/.pydistutils.cfg`` and use that other file instead.

* Fix ` a problem
  <https://bugs.launchpad.net/virtualenv/+bug/340050>`_ picking up
  some ``.so`` libraries in ``/usr/local``.


* Remove the ``[install] prefix = ...`` setting from the virtualenv
  ``distutils.cfg`` -- this has been causing problems for a lot of
  people, in rather obscure ways.

* If you use a `boot script <./index.html#boot-script>`_ it will attempt to import ``virtualenv``
  and find a pre-downloaded Setuptools egg using that.

* Added platform-specific paths, like ``/usr/lib/pythonX.Y/plat-linux2``


* Real Python 2.6 compatibility.  Backported the Python 2.6 updates to
  ``site.py``, including `user directories
  (this means older versions of Python will support user directories,
  whether intended or not).

* Always set ``[install] prefix`` in ``distutils.cfg`` -- previously
  on some platforms where a system-wide ``distutils.cfg`` was present
  with a ``prefix`` setting, packages would be installed globally
  (usually in ``/usr/local/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages``).

* Sometimes Cygwin seems to leave ``.exe`` off ``sys.executable``; a
  workaround is added.

* Fix ``--python`` option.

* Fixed handling of Jython environments that use a


* Update to Setuptools 0.6c9
* Added an option ``virtualenv --relocatable EXISTING_ENV``, which
  will make an existing environment "relocatable" -- the paths will
  not be absolute in scripts, ``.egg-info`` and ``.pth`` files.  This
  may assist in building environments that can be moved and copied.
  You have to run this *after* any new packages installed.
* Added ``bin/activate_this.py``, a file you can use like
  dict(__file__="path_to/activate_this.py"))`` -- this will activate
  the environment in place, similar to what `the mod_wsgi example
  does <http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/VirtualEnvironments>`_.
* For Mac framework builds of Python, the site-packages directory
  ``/Library/Python/X.Y/site-packages`` is added to ``sys.path``, from
  Andrea Rech.
* Some platform-specific modules in Macs are added to the path now
  (``plat-darwin/``, ``plat-mac/``, ``plat-mac/lib-scriptpackages``),
  from Andrea Rech.
* Fixed a small Bashism in the ``bin/activate`` shell script.
* Added ``__future__`` to the list of required modules, for Python
  2.3.  You'll still need to backport your own ``subprocess`` module.
* Fixed the ``__classpath__`` entry in Jython's ``sys.path`` taking
  precedent over virtualenv's libs.


* Added a ``--python`` option to select the Python interpreter.
* Add ``warnings`` to the modules copied over, for Python 2.6 support.
* Add ``sets`` to the module copied over for Python 2.3 (though Python
  2.3 still probably doesn't work).


* Added support for Jython 2.5.


* Added support for Python 2.6.
* Fix a problem with missing ``DLLs/zlib.pyd`` on Windows.  Create
* ``bin/python`` (or ``bin/python.exe``) even when you run virtualenv
  with an interpreter named, e.g., ``python2.4``
* Fix MacPorts Python
* Added --unzip-setuptools option
* Update to Setuptools 0.6c8
* If the current directory is not writable, run ez_setup.py in ``/tmp``
* Copy or symlink over the ``include`` directory so that packages will
  more consistently compile.


* Fix build on systems that use ``/usr/lib64``, distinct from
  ``/usr/lib`` (specifically CentOS x64).
* Fixed bug in ``--clear``.
* Fixed typos in ``deactivate.bat``.
* Preserve ``$PYTHONPATH`` when calling subprocesses.


* Fix include dir copying on Windows (makes compiling possible).
* Include the main ``lib-tk`` in the path.
* Patch ``distutils.sysconfig``: ``get_python_inc`` and
  ``get_python_lib`` to point to the global locations.
* Install ``distutils.cfg`` before Setuptools, so that system
  customizations of ``distutils.cfg`` won't effect the installation.
* Add ``bin/pythonX.Y`` to the virtualenv (in addition to
* Fixed an issue with Mac Framework Python builds, and absolute paths
  (from Ronald Oussoren).


* Improve ability to create a virtualenv from inside a virtualenv.
* Fix a little bug in ``bin/activate``.
* Actually get ``distutils.cfg`` to work reliably.


* Added ``lib-dynload`` and ``config`` to things that need to be
  copied over in an environment.
* Copy over or symlink the ``include`` directory, so that you can
  build packages that need the C headers.
* Include a ``distutils`` package, so you can locally update
  ``distutils.cfg`` (in ``lib/pythonX.Y/distutils/distutils.cfg``).
* Better avoid downloading Setuptools, and hitting PyPI on environment
* Fix a problem creating a ``lib64/`` directory.
* Should work on MacOSX Framework builds (the default Python
  installations on Mac).  Thanks to Ronald Oussoren.


* Windows installs would sometimes give errors about ``sys.prefix`` that
  were inaccurate.
* Slightly prettier output.


* Added support for Windows.


* Give a better warning if you are on an unsupported platform (Mac
  Framework Pythons, and Windows).
* Give error about running while inside a workingenv.
* Give better error message about Python 2.3.


Fixed packaging of the library.


Initial release.  Everything is changed and new!