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No reverse dsn lookup in the logging and a note on ipv6 problems in the docs.

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File docs/serving.rst

 :ref:`routing` system to dispatch between different hosts or parse
 :attr:`` yourself.
+On operating systems that support ipv6 and have it configured such as modern
+Linux systems, OS X 10.4 or higher as well as Windows Vista some browsers can
+be painfully slow if accessing your local server.  The reason for this is that
+sometimes "localhost" is configured to be available on both ipv4 and ipv6 socktes
+and some browsers will try to access ipv6 first and then ivp4.
+At the current time the integrated webserver does not support ipv6 and ipv4 at
+the same time and for better portability ipv4 is the default.
+If you notice that the web browser takes ages to load the page there are two ways
+around this issue.  If you don't need ipv6 support you can disable the ipv6 entry
+in the `hosts file`_ by removing this line::
+    ::1             localhost
+Alternatively you can also disable ipv6 support in your browser.  For example
+if Firefox shows this behavior you can disable it by going to ``about:config``
+and disabling the `network.dns.disableIPv6` key.
+Another workaround that should work is accessing `` instead of
 .. _hosts file:

File werkzeug/

     def version_string(self):
         return BaseHTTPRequestHandler.version_string(self).strip()
+    def address_string(self):
+        return self.client_address[0]
 class BaseWSGIServer(HTTPServer):
     multithread = False