Armin Ronacher avatar Armin Ronacher committed f4d1fc3

Fixed a typo that broke a test and multiple cookies in test client

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     resp = client.get('/')
     assert == '[]'
     resp = client.get('/')
-    assert == "[('test1', u'foo,'), ('test2', u'bar')]"
+    assert == "[('test1', u'foo'), ('test2', u'bar')]"
         for cookie in self:
             cvals.append('%s=%s' % (, cookie.value))
         if cvals:
-            environ['HTTP_COOKIE'] = ', '.join(cvals)
+            environ['HTTP_COOKIE'] = '; '.join(cvals)
     def extract_wsgi(self, environ, headers):
         """Extract the server's set-cookie headers as cookies into the
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