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Don't ask what to do with posts if the author has none.

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     def context_validate(self, data):
+        if self.user.posts.count() is 0:
+            data['action'] = None
         if data['action'] == 'reassign' and not data['reassign_to']:
             # XXX: Bad wording
             raise ValidationError(_('You have to select the user that '


     <p>{% trans username=form.user.username|e %}
       Do you really want to delete the user “{{ username }}”?
     {% endtrans %}</p>
+    {%- if form.user.posts.count() > 0 %}
     <p>{% trans post_count=form.user.posts.count() %}
       What should happen to the {{ post_count }} post this user wrote?
     {% pluralize %}
     {% endtrans %}</p>
     {{ form.action() }}
     <p>{{ form.reassign_to.label() }}: {{ form.reassign_to() }}
+    {%- endif %}
     <div class="actions">
       <input type="submit" name="cancel" value="{{ _('No') }}">
       <input type="submit" name="confirm" value="{{ _('Yes') }}">
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