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Server Information

This folder contains scripts for various deployment types.  Depending
on the kind of Webserver and Webserver interface you should chose one
of them or create your own.

The following files exist currently:

    This file implements can be used to use Zine over CGI.  This
    should *NOT* be used unless you have to.  Zine is not designed
    for the run-once nature of CGI and will perform poorly on it.

    This file serves Zine over FastCGI.  It requires the flup
    module for Python.

    This file can be used to execute Zine over mod_wsgi.

Just take the file of choice, copy it to where you want it to be and
adjust it.

All this files have some variables you can configure and invoke the
actual handler code.  Variables written in uppercase are there for
you to change if you want.

Some of these can be set from the process environment as well (for
example via the apache `SetEnv` directive) if you prefix them with
``ZINE_``.  This works for the following keys:

    The size of the pool to be maintained.  This is the largest number
    of connections that will be kept persistently in the pool.  Note
    that the pool begins with no connections; once this number of
    connections is requested, that number of connections will remain.
    Defaults to 5.
    If you are deploying Zine in a forking environment you want to set
    this number to 1 or 2.

    If set to non -1, number of seconds between connection recycling,
    which means upon checkout, if this timeout is surpassed the
    connection will be closed and replaced with a newly opened
    connection.  Defaults to -1.

    The number of seconds to wait before giving up on returning a
    connection.  Defaults to 30.

    If you are proxying into Zine somehow (caching proxies or external
    fastcgi/http servers) set this value to True to enable proxy support.
    Do not set this to True if you are not using proxies as this would
    be a security risk.
    If you specify this value from the process environment use the values
    ``1`` and ``0`` instead of ``True`` and ``False``.