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Fixed a typo in INSTALL and changed install-posix to not use extended regular expressions.

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 Zine installs itself into `/usr/lib/zine` and `/usr/share/zine`.  Please
 note that this does not install the dependencies.
-The following examples hows how to set up Zine for `mod_wsgi`.
+The following examples shows how to set up Zine for `mod_wsgi`.
 1.  Create a new folder `/var/zine/yourblog` where `yourblog` is a name
     that make sense for you.

File scripts/install-posix

 cp $SRC/../scripts/ $PREFIX/share/zine/scripts
 sed -i '' -e "s|^ZINE_LIB = None$|ZINE_LIB = '$PREFIX/lib/zine'|g" \
-sed -i '' -e "s|^#!/usr/bin/(env )?python|#!$PYTHON|g" \
-   $PREFIX/share/zine/scripts/*
 echo "All done."