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 Zine - a Python powered blog engine
-This is Zine 0.1, the first stable release of Zine.
+This is Zine 0.1.2, the second bugfix version of the first stable
+release of Zine.
 It already provides quite a few features:
 - of course, basic blog functionality: posting, comments, categories,
   tags, and ATOM feeds
 - user, group and permission management
 - theming support
-- importers for WordPress and blogs as well as Atom feeds.
+- importers for WordPress and Atom feeds.
 - an advanced plugin system
 - a translatable interface (although with this first release, only
   English and German translations are available)
 Zine was mainly written and is maintained by Armin Ronacher.  See the
-files AUTHORS and THANKS for a complete list of contributors.
+files AUTHORS and THANKS for a complete list of contributors known as
+the Zine Team.
 Zine is released under a BSD-style license, see the LICENSE file for more

File zine/

     :copyright: (c) 2009 by the Zine Team, see AUTHORS for more details.
     :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
-__version__ = '0.1.2-dev'
+__version__ = '0.1.2'
 __url__ = ''