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Fixed redirecting bug.

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File zine/utils/

     URL (eg: it externalizes a passed in path)
     blog_url = app.cfg['blog_url']
-    check_url = urljoin(blog_url, url.lstrip('/'))
+    check_url = urljoin(blog_url)
     if urlparse(blog_url)[:2] != urlparse(check_url)[:2]:
         raise ValueError('The URL %s is not on the same server' % check_url)
     return check_url
     target was requested `BadRequest` is raised unless
     `allow_external_redirect` was explicitly set to `True`.
+    # leading slashes are ignored, if we redirect to "/foo" or "foo"
+    # does not matter, in both cases we want to be below our blog root.
+    url = url.lstrip('/')
     if not allow_external_redirect:
         #: check if the url is on the same server
         #: and make it an external one
 def redirect_to(*args, **kwargs):
     """Temporarily redirect to an URL rule."""
-    return redirect(url_for(*args, **kwargs))
+    # call werkzeug's redirect directly and not the redirect() function
+    # from this module because it will strip leading slashes this function
+    # returns and thus generate wrong redirects.
+    return _redirect(url_for(*args, **kwargs))
 def redirect_back(*args, **kwargs):