Cédric Bonhomme committed ce259fd

It is now possible to enable or disable (stop checking for updates) a feed.

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         Parse the file 'feeds.lst' and launch a thread for each RSS feed.
-        for feed in self.user.feeds:
+        for current_feed in [feed for feed in self.user.feeds if feed.enabled]:
                 # launch a new thread for the RSS feed
                 thread = threading.Thread(None, self.process, \
-                                           None, (feed, ))
+                                           None, (current_feed, ))


     link = TextField("Feed link", [validators.Required("Please enter a link for the feed.")])
     site_link = TextField("Site link", [validators.Required("Please enter a site URL.")])
     email_notification = BooleanField("Email notification", default=False)
+    enabled = BooleanField("Check for updates", default=True)
     submit = SubmitField("Save")
     def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):


     link = StringField(required=True, unique=True)
     site_link = StringField(required=True)
     email_notification = BooleanField(default=False)
+    enabled = BooleanField(default=True)
     articles = ListField(ReferenceField('Article', dbref = False))
     created_date = DateTimeField(required=True,


             {{ form.email_notification.label }}
             {{ form.email_notification(class_="checkbox") }}
+            {{ form.enabled.label }}
+            {{ form.enabled(class_="checkbox") }}
             {{ form.submit(class_="btn") }}


             # Create a new feed
             if len([feed for feed in user.feeds if ==]) == 0:
                 new_feed = models.Feed(,, \
-                              ,
+                              ,, \
                 user.feeds = sorted(user.feeds, key=lambda t: t.title.lower())
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