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#!/usr/bin/env python
    A simpler interface to Debian APT commands. (C) 2012 Mike Miller
    License: GPLv3+

    %prog [options] COMMAND ARGS
    %prog           # with no arguments to list available commands
import sys, os
from subprocess import call
from optparse import OptionParser

# initialization
__version__ = '0.97'
use_sudo = ('apt-get', 'apt-get remove', 'aptitude', 'apt-key', 'dpkg -i',
            'add-apt-repository ')

# map commands to their appropriate binaries:
cmd_map = {
    # apt-get
    'autoclean': 'apt-get',
    'autoremove': 'apt-get',
    'build-dep': 'apt-get',
    'changelog': 'apt-get',
    'check': 'apt-get',
    'clean': 'apt-get',
    'dist-upgrade': 'apt-get',
    'download': 'apt-get',
    'dselect-upgrade': 'apt-get',
    'install': 'apt-get',
    'markauto': 'apt-get',
    'purge': 'apt-get',
    'remove': 'apt-get',
    'rm': 'apt-get remove',         # alias
    'source': 'apt-get',
    'unmarkauto': 'apt-get',
    'update': 'apt-get',
    'upgrade': 'apt-get',

    # cache
    'depends': 'apt-cache',
    'dotty': 'apt-cache',
    'dump': 'apt-cache',
    'dumpavail': 'apt-cache',
    'gencaches': 'apt-cache',
    'pkgnames': 'apt-cache',
    'policy': 'apt-cache',
    'rdepends': 'apt-cache',
    'search': 'apt-cache',
    'se': 'apt-cache search',       # alias
    'show': 'apt-cache',
    'showauto': 'apt-cache',
    'showpkg': 'apt-cache',
    'showsrc': 'apt-cache',
    'stats': 'apt-cache',
    'unmet': 'apt-cache',
    'xvcg': 'apt-cache',

    # config
    'shell': 'apt-config',
    'dumpcon': 'apt-config',

    # aptitude
    'hold': 'aptitude',
    'unhold': 'aptitude',
    'reinstall': 'aptitude',
    'why': 'aptitude',
    'why-not': 'aptitude',

    # more
    'fingerprint': 'apt-key',
    'list': 'dpkg-query -l',
    'status': 'dpkg-query -l',       # alias
    'listfiles': 'dpkg-query -L',
    'searchfiles': 'dpkg-query -S',
    'instdeb': 'dpkg -i',
    'addrepo': 'add-apt-repository ',  # trailing space hack to override cmd
commands = sorted(set(cmd_map.keys()))  # make a list for the user

def is_uniq(fragment):
    ''' Check whether a given command fragment uniquely identifies a command.
        Returns:  boolean, first command or None, all matches.
    results = [ c  for c in commands  if c.startswith(fragment) ]
    uniq = (len(results) == 1)
    return uniq, (results or [None])[0], results

# check & prepare args
parser = OptionParser(usage=__doc__.rstrip(), version=__version__)
parser.add_option('-d', '--debug', action='store_true', default=False,
                  help='turn on debugging output.')
opts, args = parser.parse_args()

if not args:
    sys.exit('Error: no command given.  Must be one of: \n\n(%s).\n' %
             ', '.join(commands))
    command = args[0]

# find applicable binary, command
if command in cmd_map:
    binary = cmd_map[command]
    uniq, command, matches = is_uniq(command)
    if opts.debug:
        print 'Unique:', args[0], command
    if not uniq:
        sys.exit('Error: %s command, %s --> %s' % (
                 ('ambiguous' if matches else 'unknown'),
                 args[0], matches))
    binary = cmd_map[command]

# should this be elevated?
if binary in use_sudo and os.geteuid() != 0:
    prefix = 'sudo '
    prefix = ''

# check if binary uses a flag instead of command
if ' ' in binary:
    binary, command = binary.split(' ', 1)

# build command line
cmdline = (prefix + ' '.join([binary, command] + args[1:])).replace('  ', ' ')
if opts.debug:
    print 'Running:', cmdline

    sys.exit(call(cmdline, shell=True))
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print >> sys.stderr, '\nWarning: Ctrl+C entered, exiting.'