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Tables are extracted without schema names, and default INI file queries, do not support querying tables, located in schemas

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  1. Valentine Gogichashvili

    You can try to change the queries in the ini file to something like this...

    But this one does not do anything about the numeric_precision for example.

    query_tablecols = SELECT attnum as ordinal_position,
           quote_ident( attname ) as column_name,
           format_type(atttypid,atttypmod) as data_type,
           ( select pg_get_expr(adbin, attrelid) from pg_attrdef where adrelid = attrelid and adnum = attnum )::text as column_default,
           not attnotnull as is_nullable,
           nullif( attlen, -1 ) as character_maximum_length
           NULL as numeric_precision
      FROM pg_attribute
     WHERE attrelid = '%s'::regclass::oid
       AND attnum > 0
       AND NOT attisdropped
     ORDER BY ordinal_position;
    query_tables = select oid::regclass::text from pg_class where relkind = 'r'::"char" 
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