# status

should work, using it on local network.  see the manual page and
the todo-list below for caveats.

# intro

this provides a plan 9 authentication service (auth/authsrv).  one
version is for unix, written in c and not depending on external
libraries.  the other version is for inferno, written in limbo.

# install

for the unix code:
execute "make".  see the manual page authsrv9.8 for more information.

for the inferno code:
modify "mkconfig" if you don't have $ROOT set, execute "mk install".
see the manual page authsrv9(8) for more information.

when building from within inferno, insert SYSHOST=Inferno and ROOT=
in the mk invocations to override the values in the mkconfig.

# latest version

get it from:

# licence & author

all files are in the public domain.  this code has been written by
mechiel lukkien, reachable at

# todo

- do a thorough security review