This port of drawterm focuses on removing the Carbon drawing routines and
adding Cocoa runtime and drawing support to the Mac OS X version.  The
specific Cocoa source changes are located in gui-osx-cocoa merging in code
from Plan 9 Port's devdraw and updates found in 9vx.  Additional source
updates bring drawterm in line with recent changes in the Plan 9 source,

- libc restructured and updated

- libdraw, libmemdraw, and libmemlayer sources updated

- modified kern files bringing in Plan 9 sys/src/9/port updates

- UTF and Rune updates from Coraid

- devdraw now allows window resize

The new Mac OS X 10.8 full-screen mode is not always the best mechanism for
interacting with the display.  To accommodate this, the gui-osx-cocoa port has
an experimental option that eliminates the title bar under all conditions:

	% defaults write com.bell-labs.plan9.drawterm TitledWindow 0

When the titled window is not used, moving the window can be accomplished by
clicking on the border and dragging the cursor perpendicular to the displayed
resize cursor direction.  Use the window zoom menu item to resize the window to
the maximum allowed by the display without wasting pixels on a title bar.

Setting the value to 1 or deleting the default will return to displaying the
title bar during normal operation.  

An additional default has been added to enable gesture support for multi-touch
trackpads.  The initial value can be set with:

	% defaults write com.bell-labs.plan9.drawterm MagnificationToggle 1

to allow a pinch or expand magnification gesture to be used to toggle between
fullscreen and regular windowed mode.  The default is to not toggle when the
gesture is used.

To build on Mac OS X 10.8, run make 'CONF=osx-cocoa'.

To build on Unix, run CONF=unix make.

To build on Solaris using Sun cc, run CONF=sun make.

To build on Windows, you need Mingw.  See
Edit Make.config to uncomment the Windows section
and comment out the rest.  Then run CONF=windows make.

(You can download nmake from;en-us;Q132084
Rename it to make.exe and put it in your path somewhere.

I haven't tested the Windows build on Windows itself.
I cross-compile using mingw32 on Linux.


Use Mercurial: hg clone
On the web at
In the Plan 9 distribution: /sys/src/cmd/unix/drawterm/ (sometimes out of date)

Issue tracker:


- Should copy 9term code and make console window a real
	9term window instead.

- Should implement /dev/label.