# status

has been in use for quite some time.  is still updated to account
for changed html.

# intro

this package contains a lyric serving daemon, a client and a scgi program
to serve as web frontend.

# download

the latest version can be found at:

# install

make sure you have "web" installed, see

create directory "/dis/lib/lyricd" in your inferno installation.
copy the directory and files "lib/template/lyricscgi" to your inferno

make sure you have $ROOT set, then run "mk install" to compile and
install the files.

the lyric library is not documented since it is unlikely anyone
will ever write another client.

lyricscgi is also undocumented since there is not much to document
about it.  use it with scgid, available at

# examples

this example shows how to set up a web server to run the html front end.

to run a lyricd:

	lyricd -d &

and an scgid:

	echo 'net!localhost!4006 /dis/lyricscgi.dis lyricscgi' >scgid.conf
	scgid -dv scgid.conf &

now configure your web server.  it should pass requests for some
paths to the scgi server at "net!localhost!4006".  you can also use
httpd (see

	ip/shttpd -d -s /lyrics/ net!localhost!4006 GET .

# licence & author

all files are in the public domain.  bug reports, new code, comments
and more are welcome at