# status

should be stable.  in use for some time.  note that this software
has been superseded by ventisrv for inferno and is not developed

# intro

memventi is a venti daemon, it speaks the same venti protocol as
the real venti in Plan 9 from Bell Labs.  in short, it is a storage
server that stores data blocks up to 56kb using its sha1 hash (called
its score) to address it.  the main difference between memventi and
venti is that where venti keeps an index of present scores in a big
on-disk lookup table, memventi keeps the index in memory (in an
memory-efficient manner).  this allows for a simpler design though
with limited storage capacity.  the manual page for memventi hopefully
answers most questions, if not you can always ask me by email.

# documentation

see the manual page, memventi.8.

# author & license.

this code was written by mechiel lukkien, or  all code is in the public domain.

# todo

see the caveats-section in the manual page, and the file todo.txt.