# status


# intro

a basic ecma-48 terminal emulator with color, supporting only basic
escape sequences.

# install

change the "mkconfig" if you do not have $ROOT set.  now "mk" to
compile and "mk install" to install.

when building from within inferno, insert SYSHOST=Inferno and ROOT=
in the mk invocations to override the values in the mkconfig.

# latest version

the latest version can be found at:

# licence & author

all files are in the public domain.  this code has been written by
mechiel lukkien, reachable at

# todo

- don't add newlines to snarfed/pasted text
- make faster
- "send" button?
- plumbing?
- send function keys?
- handle whatever happens when Delete is pressed correctly?
- fine tune colors?
- more testing