# status


# intro

vacsrv is a vac file system.  it is different from vacfs in the
following ways:
- handles multiple 9p2000 messages at a time
- keeps a cache of venti blocks
- only serves the contents of a single vac score (never multiple)

generally, it is meant to be faster than vacfs, usable as a root
file system.

# install

make sure $ROOT is set.  now "mk install" to compile and install the

when building from within inferno, insert SYSHOST=Inferno and ROOT=
in the mk invocations to override the values in the mkconfig.

# latest version

the latest version can be found at:

# licence & author

all files are in the public domain.  this code has been written by
mechiel lukkien, reachable at

# todo

- handle qidspace