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Bold and italic are not interpreted correctly with mediawiki syntax ; if i put : ''text'' '''text2''' i see : ''text'' '''text2''' and not text //text2//

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  1. Michael Shepanski repo owner

    Is it possible you are misunderstanding what this project does?

    This project does not convert media wiki syntax to HTML. It simply provides a helpful toolbar to insert mediawiki syntax into a textarea. If you want to also convert media wiki syntax into HTML via javascript, you should take a look at some wiki to html converters. Here is a one I found with a quick search:

    This is a little confusing with the example on my page because I merged my project (which provides the text editor toolbar) together with Showdown (a javascript library that converts Markdown to HTML) to create the live preview.

    Let me know if this all makes sense or if I misunderstood the bug posted so I can better understand the bug to fix or close the issue. :)

  2. Anonymous

    Hi michael! thanks for your answer. What i want is to have a "live preview" of my wiki syntax. And it's true that "wiki-to-html-using-javascript" is what i need ;) and it seems to work fine! However i would like to say that your page - is really beautifull (css and code) and very interesting.

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english ;o) See you form Paris.

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