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PKs Movie Database
This library allows you to create a dynamic view of ANT's movie database.

author          Michael Shepanski <>
copyright       Copyright &copy; 2005-2006, Michael Shepanski
license         Creative Commons -
version         Version 3.0 (2007.01.06)

First, credit should be given to Antp over at for creating
Ant's Movie Catalog.  Nothing you see below would be possible without the hard work he dumped
into his application.

Also, Kazdor from the forums was tremendous in both debugging and helping to add many
of the great features which currently exist in this application.

1. PHP4+
2. MySQL Server 4.1+
3. ANT Movie Catalog export to a MySQL Database
4. At least some knowledge of standard HTML and PHP processes.

1. Download ANT Movie Catalog to build your movie database.
2. Put these files someplace on your webserver.
3. Open to review and edit all the options you have available.
4. Export your Movie Database as SQL, check the option for include images.
5. Import the SQL into your MySQL Database on the server, and upload the images to the server.
     NOTE: A new *experimental* option is available in Version3.0 of this script that can auto
     import your movie database if a .sql file is found within your configured 'ant_export_dir'
     and you have 'auto_import' set to TRUE.
4. Add the following code to the page you want this script to be displayed.  Don't forget to
     also include the style sheet within the header of your HTML file to get the stylesheet link
     you can use the function $moviedb->get_stylesheet().
       $moviedb = new MDB3();
       print $moviedb->get_html();

NOTE 2.) Call this file in your web browser to display a basic styled moviedb.  You can see
         the code for this usage at the very bottom of this file.

Current support and help on using this script should be asked on the forum at the following
link.  Please do not email me with support question, I simply don't have the time to answer

Copyright � 2006-2007 PK-Designs, Some Rights Reserved.  This work is licensed under a
"Creative Commons License" by M. Shepanski.  The following link is a human-readable summary
of the full Legal Code -

  You are free..
  - to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
  - to make derivative works
  - to make commercial use of the work

  Under the following conditions..
  - Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
  - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.
  - Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.

If you plan to use this code on any site you own or help create, you must site the author
M. Shepanski along with a link back to ON THE WEBPAGE (not backend code).  Like
most designers, I too do not like to include random links to someone's site when I use their
script.  Because of this I do not require that you include this link right near where the script
is used on your page, but rather just mentioned on your site someplace; perhaps the disclaimer,
or about page.

Not required, but it is always nice to hear from people who find my work useful to them.
If you wish, drop me a line so I can see how you implemented this script on your site.