Tuukka Norri committed 0649ffa

Moved unscheduling of CFHosts earlier in connection process

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 	CFSocketCallBackType mExpectedCallBack;
 	CFStreamError mHostError;
+- (CFRunLoopRef) CFRunLoop;
+- (void) setCFRunLoop: (CFRunLoopRef) aRef;
 - (void) socketReady: (CFSocketCallBackType) callBackType;
 - (void) continueFromNameResolution: (const CFStreamError *) error;
 - (BOOL) startNegotiation: (const char *) conninfo;


 HostReady (CFHostRef theHost, CFHostInfoType typeInfo, const CFStreamError *error, void *self)
 	BXLogDebug (@"CFHost got ready.");
+	CFHostUnscheduleFromRunLoop (theHost, [(id) self CFRunLoop], kCFRunLoopCommonModes);
 	[(id) self continueFromNameResolution: error];
+- (CFRunLoopRef) CFRunLoop
+	return mRunLoop;
 - (void) setCFRunLoop: (CFRunLoopRef) aRef
 	if (mRunLoop != aRef)
 		status = CFHostStartInfoResolution (mHost, kCFHostAddresses, &mHostError);
 		BXLogDebug (@"Started host info resolution: %d.", status);
 		if (! status)
+		{
+			CFHostUnscheduleFromRunLoop (mHost, runloop, kCFRunLoopCommonModes);
 			[self continueFromNameResolution: &mHostError];
+		}
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