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Manual tuning
- Came up with a better way to make a custom title page.
- Also removed the index because it was ugly and unneeded.

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+            pagebackref=true,
+            colorlinks=true,
+            linkcolor=blue,
+            unicode
+           ]{hyperref}
+\renewcommand{\printindex}{} %% Omit the index.
+BaseTen 1.7\\
+\hspace{1mm}Reference Manual\\


-BaseTen 1.7\\
-\hspace{1mm}Reference Manual\\
 # the first chapter. If it is left blank doxygen will generate a 
 # standard header. Notice: only use this tag if you know what you are doing!
-LATEX_HEADER           = 
+LATEX_HEADER           = Documentation/header.tex
 # If the PDF_HYPERLINKS tag is set to YES, the LaTeX that is generated 
 # is prepared for conversion to pdf (using ps2pdf). The pdf file will 
 # running if errors occur, instead of asking the user for help. 
 # This option is also used when generating formulas in HTML.
 # If LATEX_HIDE_INDICES is set to YES then doxygen will not 
 # include the index chapters (such as File Index, Compound Index, etc.) 


     cd "$SRCROOT"
-    ## Replace the title page
-    perl -i -e 'my $l = ""; my $t = 0; while ($l = <>) { if ($l =~ m/^\\(begin|end)\{titlepage\}$/) { $t = ($1 eq "begin"); if ($t) { print "\\input{../titlepage.tex}\n" } } elsif (!$t) { print $l; } }' Documentation/latex/refman.tex
     ## Make some LaTeX files \inputted instead of \included to prevent \clearpage on chapter title pages.
     perl -i -p -e 's/\\include\{(general_usage|database_usage)\}/\\input\{$1\}/g' Documentation/latex/refman.tex