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Changed the font in documentation images to something that GhostScript knows about

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 # DOTFONTPATH environment variable or by setting DOT_FONTPATH to the directory 
 # containing the font.
-DOT_FONTNAME           = Lucida Grande
+#DOT_FONTNAME           = Lucida Grande
+DOT_FONTNAME           = URWGroteskT-Bold
 # By default doxygen will tell dot to use the output directory to look for the 
 # FreeSans.ttf font (which doxygen will put there itself). If you specify a 
 # different font using DOT_FONTNAME you can set the path where dot 
 # can find it using this tag.
-DOT_FONTPATH           = /System/Library/Fonts
+#DOT_FONTPATH           = /System/Library/Fonts
 # If the CLASS_GRAPH and HAVE_DOT tags are set to YES then doxygen 
 # will generate a graph for each documented class showing the direct and