Tuukka Norri  committed 9c09757

Still trying to fix the problem with the tests
- Added even more logging.

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File Sources/BXPGInterface.m

 					if (idx <= 0)
 						[attr setExcluded: YES];					
+					NSLog (@"table: %@ column: %@ idx: %d isEx: %d", [table name], name, idx, [attr isExcluded]);
 					[currentAttributes setObject: attr forKey: name];
 				[(BXEntityDescription *) entity setAttributes: currentAttributes];

File UnitTests/Sources/EntityTests.m

 - (void) testExclusion
-	[ctx setLogsQueries: YES];
 	[ctx connectSync: NULL];
-	[ctx setLogsQueries: YES];
 	NSError* error = nil;
 	BXEntityDescription* entity = [ctx entityForTable: @"test" error: &error];