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Changed NSLogs to BXLogDebugs

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File Sources/BXDatabaseContext.m

 	mDidDisconnect = NO;
 	if ([self checkDatabaseURI: &localError])
-		NSLog (@"Checking whether to connect.");
+		BXLogDebug (@"Checking whether to connect.");
 		if (NO == [self isConnected])
-			NSLog (@"Making database interface connect.");
+			BXLogDebug (@"Making database interface connect.");
 			[self lazyInit];
 			[mDatabaseInterface connectAsync];

File Sources/BXPGInterface.m

 - (void) connectAsync
 	[self prepareForConnecting];
-	NSLog (@"Making transaction handler connect.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Making transaction handler connect.");
 	[mTransactionHandler connectAsync];

File Sources/BXPGManualCommitTransactionHandler.m

 	mAsync = YES;
 	NSDictionary* connectionDictionary = [self connectionDictionary];
-	NSLog (@"Making main connection connect.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Making main connection connect.");
 	[mConnection connectAsync: connectionDictionary];
-	NSLog (@"Making notification connection connect.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Making notification connection connect.");
 	[mNotifyConnection connectAsync: connectionDictionary];

File Sources/

 	//Don't release the connection. Delegate will handle it.
-	//NSLog (@"removing socket: %p socketSource: %p", mSocket, mSocketSource);
+	//BXLogDebug (@"removing socket: %p socketSource: %p", mSocket, mSocketSource);
 	if (mReachability)
 	[connector setDelegate: self];
 	[connector setTraceFile: [mDelegate PGTSConnectionTraceFile: self]];
 	[[PGTSConnectionMonitor sharedInstance] monitorConnection: self];
-	NSLog (@"Making %@ connect.", [connector class]);
+	BXLogDebug (@"Making %@ connect.", [connector class]);
 	return [connector connect: connectionDictionary];
 		CFOptionFlags flags = ~kCFSocketCloseOnInvalidate & CFSocketGetSocketFlags (mSocket);
 		CFSocketSetSocketFlags (mSocket, flags);
 		mSocketSource = CFSocketCreateRunLoopSource (NULL, mSocket, 0);
-		//NSLog (@"created socket: %p socketSource: %p", mSocket, mSocketSource);
+		//BXLogDebug (@"created socket: %p socketSource: %p", mSocket, mSocketSource);
 		BXAssertLog (mSocket, @"Expected source to have been created.");
 		BXAssertLog (CFSocketIsValid (mSocket), @"Expected socket to be valid.");

File Sources/PGTSConnector.m

 - (void) finishedConnecting: (BOOL) status
-	NSLog (@"Finished connecting (%d).", status);
+	BXLogDebug (@"Finished connecting (%d).", status);
 	if (status)
 	//If the resolution succeeded, iterate addresses and try to connect to each. Stop when a server gets reached.
 	BOOL reachedServer = NO;
-	NSLog (@"Continuing from name resolution.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Continuing from name resolution.");
 	if (streamError && streamError->domain)
 - (void) socketReady: (CFSocketCallBackType) callBackType
-	NSLog (@"Socket got ready.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Socket got ready.");
 	//Sometimes the wrong callback type gets called. We cope with this
 	//by checking against an expected type and re-enabling it if needed.
 		status = CFHostSetClient (mHost, &HostReady, &ctx);
 		CFHostScheduleWithRunLoop (mHost, runloop, kCFRunLoopCommonModes);
-		NSLog (@"Starting host info resolution.");
+		BXLogDebug (@"Starting host info resolution.");
 		if (! CFHostStartInfoResolution (mHost, kCFHostAddresses, &mHostError))
 			[self continueFromNameResolution: &mHostError];
 - (void) negotiateConnection
-	NSLog (@"Beginning negotiation.");
+	BXLogDebug (@"Beginning negotiation.");
 	if (mTraceFile)
 		PQtrace (mConnection, mTraceFile);