Tuukka Norri avatar Tuukka Norri committed e06c31e

Fixed some memory leaks

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     NSURL* uri = [[self class] URIRepresentationForEntity: aDesc primaryKeyFields: pkeyFValues];
     BXAssertValueReturn (nil != uri, nil, @"Expected to have received an URI.");
-    return [[[self class] alloc] initWithEntity: aDesc objectURI: uri];
+    return [[[[self class] alloc] initWithEntity: aDesc objectURI: uri] autorelease];


     if (! mPGTypes)
-        NSString* path = [[[NSBundle bundleForClass: [PGTSConnection class]] resourcePath]
-            stringByAppendingString: @"/datatypeassociations.plist"];
+		NSBundle* bundle = [NSBundle bundleForClass: [PGTSConnection class]];
+        NSString* path = [[bundle resourcePath] stringByAppendingString: @"/datatypeassociations.plist"];
         NSData* plist = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile: path];
         BXAssertValueReturn (nil != plist, nil, @"datatypeassociations.plist was not found (looked from %@).", path);
         NSString* error = nil;


 @interface PGTSConcreteQueryDescription : PGTSQueryDescription
 	SEL mCallback;
-	id mDelegate;
+	id mDelegate; //Weak
 	int mIdentifier;
 	PGTSQuery* mQuery;
 	id mUserInfo;


 	return self;
+- (void) dealloc
+	[mQuery release];
+	[mUserInfo release];
+	[super dealloc];
 - (SEL) callback
 	return mCallback;
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