Tuukka Norri avatar Tuukka Norri committed f0acf90

Fixed a bug which caused the atexit function to be registered each time the connection monitor was instantiated

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 	if ((self = [super init]))
-		atexit (&ProcessWillExit);
+		@synchronized ([self class])
+		{
+			static BOOL tooLate = NO;
+			if (! tooLate)
+			{
+				tooLate = YES;
+				atexit (&ProcessWillExit);		
+			}
+		}
 		io_object_t ioNotifier = 0;
 		IONotificationPortRef ioNotificationPort = NULL;
 		mIOPowerSession = IORegisterForSystemPower (self, &ioNotificationPort, &WorkspaceWillSleep, &ioNotifier);
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