Tuukka Norri committed f0e06ba

Removed some fixmes and set the library name for Log4Cocoa

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 - (void) didChangeValueForKey: (NSString *) key;
-//FIXME: what is this?
 #if 0
+//Check for key-value observing capability.
 @interface NSObject (PGTSKVO)
                                                  object: self
                                                userInfo: userInfo];
     if (delegateProcessesNotices)
-    {
-        //[delegate PGTSConnection: nil receivedNotice: notification]; //FIXME: come up with a way to pass the connection object
-        //update: I really cannot understand, what was supposed to be the problem with this. Can't I just use 'self'?
         [delegate PGTSConnection: self receivedNotice: notification];
-    }
     [self logNotice: message];


 PGTSVerifySSLCertificate (int preverify_ok, void* x509_ctx)
-	//FIXME: this function should have a run loop, if possible, and run it until the result has been received.
-	//This way, we can use ordinary Cocoa sheets.
 	SSL* ssl = X509_STORE_CTX_get_ex_data ((X509_STORE_CTX *) x509_ctx, SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx ());
 	PGTSConnection* connection = SSL_get_ex_data (ssl, PGTSSSLConnectionExIndex ());
 	int rval = (YES == [[connection certificateVerificationDelegate] PGTSAllowSSLForConnection: connection context: x509_ctx preverifyStatus: preverify_ok]);


 - (id) valueForKey: (NSString *) aKey
-    //FIXME: unknown key? We probably shouldn't return nil
+	//Unknown key raises an exception.
     return [self valueForFieldNamed: aKey];


 #ifdef __OBJC__
     #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
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