Bradley Giesbrecht avatar Bradley Giesbrecht committed eac6f13

Makefile: Change DARWIN_MAJOR_GT_9 value from true to yes to maintain consistency.

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   $(warning building for an UNSUPPORTED OS)
-DARWIN_MAJOR_GT_9 := $(shell [ $(DARWIN_MAJOR) -ge 9 ] && echo true)
+DARWIN_MAJOR_GT_9 = $(shell [ $(DARWIN_MAJOR) -ge 9 ] && echo yes)
 # set additional CFLAGS
 ifeq ($(BUILD_UNIVERSAL),yes)
-	ifeq ($(DARWIN_MAJOR_GT_9),true)
+	ifeq ($(DARWIN_MAJOR_GT_9),yes)
 		CFLAGS += -arch i386 -arch x86_64
 		CFLAGS += -arch i386 -arch ppc
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