Invalid arch name : powerpc

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makeicns 1.4.1 doesn't compile on PowerPC Macs. It says:

{{{ gcc-4.0: Invalid arch name : powerpc }}}

Rightly so. Valid architectures are ppc, ppc64, i386 and x86_64. I see the Makefile used to use uname -m to try to figure out the architecture, and now uses uname -p. This is still incorrect. There is no flag to uname that will produce the answer you want; uname is not the right tool.

In fact, I don't see why you're bothering to specify the architecture for single-architecture builds at all. Just specify it for universal builds -- if you must. Really, you could excise all of the universal and SDK-root stuff as well and let the user handle it manually. But that's your call.

Attached is a patch that uses -arch flags only when BUILD_UNIVERSAL is yes.

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