What is this repository for?


This is a simple project with a simple goal: to document the daily small good things that happen so that we keep perspective and get a boost to get on with our day.

The front-end is in Angular2 and uses AngularCLI, Bootstrap 4 and fontawesome. The back-end is a simple rest API with Flask and Flask-SQLAlchemy.

Everything is currently in a very early stage.

  • Version 0.2.0 beta

05/04/2017: Flask app deployed on

10/4/2017: Angular2 deployed on as a beta version.

How do I get set up?

  • Summary of set up The following are neccessary:

    • Front-end: The latest Nodejs, Npm, TypeScript.
    • Back-end: Python 2.7.x, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Flask-cors, enum34 (the basics, use the requirements.txt that lists everything used)
  • Configuration

    For the Front-end:
    • Install the latest node: Ubuntu: commandline curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

    • cd /path/to/daily-silver-linings/dsl_app/front-end

    • Install npm apt install npm
    • Install the latest Typescript npm install -g typescript
    • Install angular-cli npm install -g angular-cli
    • After all is set and done, run npm install while in the front-end directory
    • Run tsc in the src directory, where tsconfig.json exists (and you can run in a separate console tsc -w to re-transpile on changes)
    • Run npm start If everything goes well, the site will be up and running in http://localhost:4200
    For the back-end (API):
    • Preferably create a virtualenv and run everything through there, but that's optional.
    • pip install -r /path/to/requirements.txt
    • Dependencies: See Setup summary.
    • Database configuration

    For the time being SQLite is used. Just change the path in ``, remember four slashes means absolute, three relative. Also, make sure you have the required permissions in the folder you choose.

    Postgres or MySQL

    The project will migrate to something more robust in the future.

  • How to run tests

    npm test for the front-end

  • Deployment instructions:

    Basically the front-end is cdn-like and the back-end a simple Flask API, that can be run and hosted separately.


    Run ng build --prod to generate the dist folder with the production accumulation of the app. This will be the folder to be set up and deployed on an nginx. - Install nginx - set the root of the default config of nginx to the /path/to/dist (root=/path/to/dist;) - restart nginx

    Note: in index.html, there is a const HOST. Set this to the backend url.


    The easiest way - and probably the cheapest - is to deploy the Flask app in pythonanywhere, with a free account. The one thing that needs to be changed is the path to test.db which needs to be something absolute where you deploy it and the wsgi configuration to point to where your app is.


  • Proper url navigation for days:

From to or

This means use the routing component and change the way the day-stream.component loads.

  • UI:

    If anonymous:
    - ~~Do NOT see public-private option~~ cannot post if anonymous
    - ~~Do NOT see the ability to heart something - just how many hearts it has.~~ Cannot heart if anonymous
    - ~~Do NOT see the ability to edit - maybe just the first few seconds and then nada.~~ Cannot edit if anonymous
    - ~~Upload button should open a file-picker and not change the whole input. This should need some work. - WIP~~
    • Show my silver-linings for logged-in users.
    • Show my hearts for logged-in users.
    • Notify the user that someone did something - use sockets.
  • Changes in the back-end:

    • Go from sqlite to MySQL for the time being and perhaps POSTGRES if necessary.
    • Would be nice to switch to Mongo - future work
    • Secure the endpoints that need securing:
      • Users [GET/POST/PUT/DELETE]/
      • GoodDays [DELETE]/
      • SilverLinings [DELETE]/
      • Hearts [POST/PUT/DELETE]/
    • Bind the Attachments to Silverlinings and handle them properly - WIP
    • Sort Silverlinings by datetime descending to serve latest first.
    • Email verification after registration - WIP
    • Swagger documentation - WIP
    • Unit and Entity testing - WIP
    • Add functionality to notify users:
    • Change the base url to '/api/v{version number}/'
    • Add token based authentication
    • Check this:

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