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Trodes User Manual


  • This is a tutorial for setting up the software and data streaming via USB or Ethernet

Basic Usage

  • Learn how to use the main Trodes graphical interface

Working With Workspaces

  • Learn how to create and use workspace configuration files


  • Extend Trodes functionality with various modules

Exporting Data

  • Export data from the recording file, and then import it into Matlab or Python for further analysis

Untethered Recordings With Dataloggers

  • How to perform recordings with headstages in untethered datalogging mode. Information about merging SD card data with the environmental record.


  • Frequently Asked Questions



  • How to use our GUI for extracting data from your logger

Camera-Trodes Timestamp Synchronization

  • Achieve microsecond-level synchronization between your Allied Vision camera and Trodes

Common Average Referencing

  • Applying common average referencing to your data both in real time and when exporting

Command Line Calls

  • All the different command line option calls for Trodes


  • How to test your system's data acquisition/processing latency