Purchased Apps List for Android
Copyright 2013 Max Katsev


Remember how the old Play Store app (back when it was still called Android 
Market) could show you the list of your paid apps? Unfortunately, now it lists 
ALL the apps you have ever installed, paid and free, making it rather hard to 
quickly just see the apps you own 

All this app does is display a list of all your paid apps in one place. Now you 
can quickly install the apps you have already forgot buying in the first place!
No root required.

The app uses completely undocumented APIs to talk to the Google servers, so it 
can stop working any second.

Download the latest version here:


Thanks to egirault ( for a demo of using the 
protobuf format to parse the server responses and for the androproto script. 

Thanks to Sergey Tarasevich for a very useful Universal Image Loader library 


This project is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.