Ronny Pfannschmidt  committed ba8c419

dump method of indexing middleware should take all_revs as arg as well

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File MoinMoin/storage/middleware/

         name = ALL_REVS if all_revs else LATEST_REVS
         return self.ix[name]
-    def dump(self, tmp=False, indexname=LATEST_REVS):
+    def dump(self, tmp=False, all_revs=False):
         Yield key/value tuple lists for all documents in the indexes, fields sorted.
         index_dir = self.index_dir_tmp if tmp else self.index_dir
+        indexname = ALL_REVS if all_revs else LATEST_REVS
         ix = open_dir(index_dir, indexname=indexname)
         with ix.searcher() as searcher:
             for doc in searcher.all_stored_fields():