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remove mercurial backend todo, does not exist any more

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   tracker (on and remove them from here
-Storage Backends
-Mercurial Backend
-Wiki instance pull which leads to merge invalidates Item index files (current revisions 
-index and destroyed revisions index). This files should be recreated from changelog after merge.
-Merge does not yet care about merged revisions metadata.
-Last API changes (destroy_revision) made storing revision parents in revision metadata invalid.
-Links to parents should be stored now in mutable collection. Index (revisions index) is suitable
-for this task and its record format can be extended to store this values.
-GraphInfo action showing revisions history as DAG has to be fixed.
-UI lacks actions for serving backend directly (hg serve), pulling data from other instances (hg pull)
-and merging (hg merge). This stuff is rather low-priority, as it can be done in command line very well.
-Handy mercurial extensions to ease commit and rename operations from command line  are still missing.
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