Thomas Waldmann avatar Thomas Waldmann committed b062718

use XStatic-svgweb package, require it via, remove it from quickinstall scripts

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 download $DIR/mathjax.tgz
 tar xz -C $DIR/ -f $DIR/mathjax.tgz
-download $DIR/
-unzip -q -o -d $DIR/ $DIR/
 AWDDIR='AnyWikiDraw 0.14'
 download $DIR/ ''
 unzip -q -o -d $DIR/ $DIR/
 7za x env/svg-edit.tar.gz -y -oenv\
 7za x env/svg-edit.tar -y -oenv\
-wget -nc -Penv/
-7za x env/ -y -oenv\
 wget -nc -Penv/
 7za x env/ -y -oenv\
 xcopy "env\AnyWikiDraw 0.14" env\AnyWikiDraw\ /Y /E /H
         'sphinx', # needed to build the docs
+        'XStatic-svgweb',
     # optional features and their list of requirements
     extras_require = {
         docs = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, 'docs', '_build', 'html'),
         # see "quickinstall" script about how to get those files there
         ckeditor = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, env_dir, 'ckeditor'),
-        svgweb = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, env_dir, 'svgweb', 'src'),
         anywikidraw = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, env_dir, 'AnyWikiDraw', 'anywikidraw', 'moinmoin'),
         twikidraw = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, env_dir, 'TWikiDrawPlugin'),
         svgedit = os.path.join(wikiconfig_dir, env_dir, 'svg-edit'),
     jfu = JQueryFileUpload(root_url='/static', provider='local', protocol='http')
     serve_files.update([(, jfu.get_mapping()[1])])
+    from xstatic.pkg.svgweb import SVGWeb
+    sw = SVGWeb(root_url='/static', provider='local', protocol='http')
+    serve_files.update([(, sw.get_mapping()[1])])
     #item_root = u'Home' # change to some better value
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