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not a fan of the sigwinch stuff, keep it simple, use ^L if you need to

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 .SY srw
 .OP \-p prompt
 .OP \-v
-.OP \-w
 .I cmd
 .RI [ args... ]
 .B \-v
 print version information and exit
-.B \-w
-for each SIGWINCH received (window resize), clear screen and send SIGWINCH to the child process group
 srw supports the usual arrow keys, Home, End, Delete, as well as the following shortcuts
 void usage(void)
-	printf("Usage: srw [-p prompt] [-w] cmd [args]...\n");
+	printf("Usage: srw [-p prompt] cmd [args]...\n");
-void sigwinch(int unused)
-	cursor_org();
-	cursor_clr();
-	fflush(stdout);
-	kill(-child, SIGWINCH);
 void sigchld(int unused)
 	pid_t pid;
 		switch (argv[i][1]) {
 			case 'p' : nrml_prompt = argv[++i]; break;
 			case 'v' : printf("srw-"VERSION" © Evan Gates\n"); exit(1);
-			case 'w' : if (signal(SIGWINCH, sigwinch) == SIG_ERR)
-						   err(1, "failed to install SIGWINCH handler");
-					   break;
 			default  : usage();